The cooling system is designed to remove heat from the engine and automatic transmission, then to dissipate heat to the air outside. The water pump circulates coolant through the engine. The coolant absorbs heat and returns it to the radiator where heat is dissipated. The thermostat regulates the coolant temperature to keep it consistent for efficient engine operation.

Some key indicators the vehicle has a cooling issue: Overheating, Sweet Smell, Leaks, Repeatedly need to add fluid, Lack of Maintenance, Temperature Gauge is redlined.

Our staff is capable of diagnosing and maintaining your vehicle. Call JT Auto Repair for all your auto repair needs.


The heating and air conditioning system are luxuries we expect in our vehicles. When coolant is restricted or not flowing smoothly through the engine the impact is on our personal comfort. This can be something as minor as a thermostat that is stuck or the cooling system is out of refrigerant to grime and sediment built up.  We have great resources and equipment to help repair and service both systems.


Serpentine belts keep your alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning and your water pump running. Many late model vehicles have a timing belt that will need to be replaced per manufacturer.

Belts are composed of rubber and over time will crack, stretch and at times break. Routine inspection is necessary to assure belts from breaking.

Hoses are made of flexible rubber compounds to absorb vibrations between the engine and radiator. They are considered the weakest component of the cooling system. Hoses function under HI pressure with extreme heat and cold temperature variations. Regular inspection is imperative to help eliminate breakdowns.

JT Auto Repair can help maintain and repair all these issues. Routine inspections of your belts and hoses are performed with each oil change.  Email JT Auto Repair for more information.

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