Suspension and Steering

Do you feel every bump in the road? Is it getting harder and harder to turn your vehicle? Are your tires wearing out too quickly?

The suspension system helps to stay in control of the vehicle on the road.

Our certified experts and technicians will do a complete evaluation of your vehicle for steering and suspension problems.

Suspension and steering evaluation service include: All shocks, springs, and struts were thoroughly inspected for wear and tear.

  • Replacement of worn, damaged or missing steering or suspension parts
  • Other suspension repairs as needed

The suspension system of any vehicle serves two main functions – managing road holding/handling, and optimizing the driver/passenger comfort while minimizing vibrations and sound.

The vehicle’s steering system and suspension account for optimum ride comfort and vehicle performance. Because, over time the road conditions can cause the struts, springs, and shocks to weaken; thereby reducing vehicles stability and management. They may additionally accelerate tire wear.

Steering and suspension services could help to eliminate premature tire wear. Shocks and struts are built-in elements of the suspension system as well as, their wear has a very real effect on the safety of the vehicle.

During a routine inspection and maintenance of your car’s suspension system, we will:

  • Inspect shocks for cracks, leaks, and any other damage
  • Watch vehicle bounce and sway while making turns
  • Check for uneven tire wear

Power steering fluid cools, cleans and lubricates the power steering system. This fluid breaks down over the time and absorbs unwanted moisture.

Power Steering Flush Service includes:

  • Replacing power steering fluid
  • Flushing and cleaning of the system

A properly working steering and suspension system can enhance the comfort of your vehicle’s ride and is essential for keeping safe control of your car.

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