Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I select JT Auto Repair for my repair services?

A: We are committed to you and your vehicle. We realize that you have many choices for all your automotive needs. With the JT AUTOREPAIR ADVANTAGE, you can rest assured our qualified staff will take care of you and your vehicle.

Q: Can I have my car towed to JT Auto Repair?

A: Yes! You can have your vehicle delivered to us and we will handle from there.

Q: I want to keep my vehicle in excellent running condition, but money is tight. Are you able to suggest a repair plan?

A: Yes! We understand that sometimes vehicle repairs can be unexpected, but preventative maintenance can ensure less costly repairs in the future. Each time you visit we are able to recommend a service plan for the future on what you should consider for keeping your vehicle running correctly.

Q: Do you offer same day appointments or drop in service?

A: All of our customers are welcome, but appointments ensure that you get a time that fits your schedule. Depending on our previous commitments, we may be able to service your vehicle in the same day as you call and sometimes short services like oil changes can be done while you wait.

Q: Do you offer shuttle service?

A: As a courtesy we offer local shuttle service as well as pick up and drop off while you are at work!

Q: I am hearing an odd sound coming from my vehicle are you able to diagnose this?

A: Of Course! Our Technicians have an excellent history of diagnosing vehicle needs.

Q: Can you perform manufacturer specified services for warranties?

A: Yes, contrary to popular belief YOU as the customer can choose where you take your vehicle for these types of repairs and service.